Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 days of what I am Thankful for. Day 10

My Feet. It might be silly but today I am reminded to be thankful for my feet. For those that don't know I have been in extremely pain suffering from plantar fasciitis since March in both feet. It started off in the left, bad and a little in the right, but quickly became bad in both. The pain does at time subside, some, but most days I am in awful pain and can barely walk. If I do much running around with the kids, I can barely walk up the stairs to bed and the next morning... forget.... getting out of bed in a hurry for a crying child, I fall to the ground in pain. I have to do a series of stretches to even be able to stand and the pain is still there but it is bearable to walk to tend to the kids. I sleep with a HUGE splint at night rotating between feet every other night. I wear support tennis shoes that cost me 2 weeks worth of groceries. I have had cortisone shots injected directly into both heels TWICE and although for a couple weeks it is better, the pain comes back and it feels worse than before. I say all this to say that I have had a bad couple of days with my pain level and I was walking into Walmart with Daniel today and there was a person in a wheel chair, I stupidly joked, but kinda serious, that "I need one of those" Daniel quickly said back.. "why mom you can walk." And he is right. Even though I am in so much pain at moments that I cry each step I take, I CAN IN FACT WALK WITHOUT NEEDED A WHEEL CHAIR. I am not sure how much longer I will have this pain and I am in the process of researching my options, but I am thankful for my feet and whatever pain level I am at.. I can in fact walk. Thank you Lord for this reminder to be thankful in all circumstances. (by the way.. not my feet in pic)

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