Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Fest 2008-The Incredibles

SUPERS..."Where are they now?" Well if you know the movie you know that "They are living among us..average citizens...average heroes, quietly and anonymously continuing to make the world a better place...." I bet you did not know they were members of Life Community. Well here we are..our identity is out!

Daniel was so excited to have mommy and daddy and even sister dress up. He has had this costume for over a year. I decided in June that we would go as The Incredibles, this year, so I hide his suit and when he would ask I told him it was in the shop getting fixed. He didn't seem to mind. When he woke up from his nap today, I went to get him, in full gear. When I opened the door, he said WOW YOUR A SUPER, not super mommy, BUT SUPER, MOMMY. He came up and hugged me and said I am "DASH". So When Stefan got home we helped him get ready. And no Mr. Incredible does not have Green hair, but the yellow spray turned green against his dark hair and there was no time to wash..(he took one for the team Gooooo Daddy). We then got Sydney dressed as Jack Jack(our Jackie Jackie) and off we went. No not many parents dressed up with their kids, but we did and its a night that we will never forget, especially Daniel.


Well, its not even 1pm yet and Daniel just had to have his costume on for Fall Fest at our Church, which is not until 6:30pm. It took everything I could do to get him to take the gloves off to eat lunch. And oh BTW he is watching the movie right now as well. He is so excited and so am I.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well this morning Daniel woke up super early. I asked Stefan to go turn his bedroom light on and tell him to play until we get up. (I was thinking its not even light outside yet). Well when I went to get him around 7:15 I was surprised to find what he had created. We don't have many toys in his room now, because he wanted to play verses sleep, so we just have books and the toys he takes to bed with him, which is usually about 10 Thomas trains. Well when I opened the door he said Look Mom, I made tunnels for my trains. I was so impressed I had to take a picture. He had about 8 books propped up and was driving his trains under them. How cool. BTW even after I told him it was time to go down stairs, where he could play with the real train table he said but all of my tunnels are here, I will just play in my room. What a creative little boy God gave me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Son

Okay Okay.. I have to post some pictures of my son. He is growing up so much. He is very smart. He has a great memory as well. He loves cubbies (awana). He has done great memorizing his verses. One a week for Awana. He also has to memorize one for Preschool as well, one a week. For the last 7 weeks he has been able to say his verses at both Awana and Preschool for a total of 14 verses. I am so proud of him. He inspires me to hunger after God's word and memorize them to heart as he does. He is also a huge blessing from God.

My Girl

My friends make fun of all the dressy dresses I put on my girl, but I love them. She is my real life doll baby. This picture if from this Sunday 10/26. Isn't she cute? The sweater MaMa Precious made for her. The dress is from Aunt Candy. She is such a good baby. She has been sleeping thru the night for about 2 weeks now. She is already trying to sit up and talk. She never misses a feeding. What a blessing she is from GOD.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bath time

Sydney is getting so big it was time to put her in the bath with Daniel. He was so excited about her joining him. He wanted to dump water over her head. So I had to explain that she was too little. She loved it. Daniel was making her giggle and talk. They had a blast.

The Beginning

Well I did it. I started a Blog. Lots of my friends started blogs to share pictures of their families with their friends and family and I thought it was such a great idea. Its like a grown up myspace or facebook.
So I dedicate this blog to my family. My wonderful husband Stefan, and my beautiful kids Daniel 3 and Sydney 3 months. I am not sure what adventures this blog will take us on, but I am excited for the journey. Enjoy