Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Candid of Sydney

As mentioned before, Sydney was invited to a tutu birthday party. We celebrated Savannah who turned 3 and Morgan who turned 1, visit there family blog here.

Our good friend, Hana was the photographer at the party and Joanna just shared this beautiful picture Hana took. I loved it so much I had to post.

Update on Sydney

Well Sydney is growing up. She starting walking about 3 weeks ago and of course is all over the place. She has such a great personality for a 14 month old. She loves her daddy. As soon as Stefan walks thru the door from work she calls for him.. DAADDDYYY. She loves to bring us things, and then takes them right back. She still loves her brother to death and I hope that doesn't change.

She loves to swing. As you can see she has curls like her mama.

Her hair can almost all go up in the cutest little pigtails ever.

She went to her first ever tutu birthday party and had a blast.

Update on Daniel

Well this is a post to update everyone on Daniel. He started school a couple weeks ago. He goes M-W-F from 9-12pm. He loves it. He is excited to have Xavier and Nathan in his class this year.

Driving to school on the first day.

In other breaking news Daniel learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We practiced for about 2 days in the back yard on grass and he really got the hang of it. Then we moved to the front yard and then he was off on the rode. He rode his bike literally for 5 hours on Sunday and about just as long yesterday. We are so proud of him for sticking with it. Now its time to get him a bigger bike. If I can figure out how to upload a video I will.

Riding down the street.
He is so proud of himself.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Charleston, SC

Sorry these are so late being posted we had a great time with Stefan's side of the family. Beautiful weather. Much easier since Sydney is walking now. Yea!

Stefan and Sydney going for a walk. She loved the water and sand so much.

Daniel cheezing in the sand.

Sydney sat for over an hour playing in the sand putting it in and out of the bucket.

Daniel made this drip castle and was so proud of it.

Sydney swinging with Uncle Mikie(Stefan's brother), Aunt Lyndi and baby Patrick at the Park.