Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sydney 8 months

Well I am really late on this posting, but the posting below this one tells you why. Sydney turned 8 months on March 10th. She has gotten so big. She is using a sippy cup. She is starting to try solid foods and she has 4 teeth. She is trying to learn to crawl, if her brother ever leaves her alone on the floor so she can practice. She is still a very easy baby. Like clock work..wants to eat dinner at 5pm and wants to be in bed by 6-6:15 and sleeps until 7am. She is always smiling and also laughing at brother a lot more now, and he loves to make her laugh. She is also starting to say DA DA DA DA..she likes clapping her hands and feet together. She is growing up so fast. What a blessing from God she is....

Oh where have I been

Well lots has happened the last 23 days. Mainly my great Aunt Mary Anne came and stayed with me for 2 weeks. She will be 80 in June. She is very active and is always doing something, well at my house it was always cleaning. I would take Sydney up for a nap and come down and she was washing my Floor. By the end of the 2 weeks, I finally got over the fact that she likes to keep busy and cleaning is her thing, surely not mine or she would have nothing to clean.... right. She loved the kids and liked to feed Sydney her lunch and dinner. Sydney took a real likening to her. I enjoyed her stay and the late night talks we had and of course our obsession over the reality shows on Bravo. We also enjoyed some great weather the first week Aunt Mary Anne was here and were able to get outside for walks and some games with the kids. I also went away to a ladies Retreat with my church and had a great time, no kids, no husband, just me, GOD and about 55 ladies. It was refreshing in God, although I hoped to come back refreshed on sleep, but staying up until 1:30am doesn't help. It was also my Grandma in Burlington 84th birthday on the 14th.(grandma and Great Aunt our sisters) My parents came down and we met them for breakfast the Sunday after the retreat. It was a short visit for about a hour and a half, but good to see them, since we had not seen them since Christmas. Also Sydney turned 8 months on the 10th. Boy has she grown. I will make another post dedicated to her soon. Daniel had a little MRSA infection in his sty in the eye, but it was gone before we even knew what it was. He had to take an antibiotic for a week twice a day, even though the infection was gone, just to make sure.
Well this week I have been trying to catch up on sleep and totally not cleaning.. well I am but not ever second.Glad to be back in the posting world. Please enjoy some of the pictures from the 23 days I was away.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chocolate Snow Cream

Well thanks to my friend Morgan for telling me to make it and my friend Hana for giving the instructions on her blog because Daniel and I made Chocolate Snow Cream today.
Here's what you need:
8-10 cups packed snow (fresh & clean of course)
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp vanilla (I used chocolate sauce since I had no vanilla and chocolate is always better right...

You first mix the milk, sugar and chocolate sauce together. Then pour in the bowl with the snow. I used 10 cups of snow. Pic would not download the correct way so here it is side ways.

Then you get the boy or girl who will actually be eating this and make them stir it without spilling it every where.

And if you are as blessed as I am you will enjoy a big smile from your child and they will think your the coolest mom ever for letting them have snow cream for lunch.

Our Snow in NC