Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 days of pictures of what I am THANKFUL for. Day 15

Eyes. Today I am thankful for my eyes. I never really think about them and what a blessing they are and what they allow me to see.. my children, God's creation.. ect, but for the last couple of weeks I have thought about my eyes a lot and my dads eyes. Boy am I thankful to be able to see. He recently learned that he is 99% blind in one eye and the other eye is heading in that direction. It is very sad for me to think that he might be blind.. soon, that he might not get to see my children grow up, get married. My dad is not an old man. He is in his mid 60's. He has a lot more years left here if the Lord allows it. And I pray He does. My dad works with his hands .. he is currently building a home in SC...what will he do without his eyes. He had an emergency appt today with a retina specialist and I pray if its in the Lord's will that they will be able to do something that can help save the other eye or slow down the progression of the blindness. His name is Jack if you will join me in praying for him.

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