Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 3 Hollywood Studios

This was our 2nd favorite park. The kids loved meeting all the characters and Sydney love the Beauty and the Beast Show and Daniel loved The Indian Jones Show. We saw a parade with a lot of characters. Kenny fell a sleep for a couple hours this day right when we got in line to meet his favorite Jake from the Never Land Pirates. But Jake had fun with him and even stole his lovie and pretended to suck his thumb. No worries we got his picture with him another day. Daniel also liked the Star Wars part. Not the ride....did I mention he hates roller coasters...well he does and refused to ride even the star wars ride a second time. They had fun going to "jedi school" and fighting Darth Vader. (click to make pictures bigger)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 2 Magic Kingdom 3 of 3

Also on our 2nd day we planned for Daniel to visit The Pirates League and be made into Captain Jack Sparrow. He loves the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and we knew he was going to be excited to be transformed. We got a deal so we signed Sydney and Kenny up as well. Boy did they get transformed. The wenches really stayed in character as each lady worked on each child. Kenny was turned into Jake from the Neverland Pirates. Sydney was turned into a Princess Pirate and of course Daniel was transformed into the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. They later came back and participated in the pirate parade and even got to meet Captain Jack and take the pirate oath. (click to make bigger)

Day 2 Magic Kingdom 2 of 3

The first thing that happened when we walked through the gates: we heard someone say no wait to meet the princesses, so we rushed in line like we were crazy people after a free tv or something and we were 8th in line to meet three Princesses.. We weren't even sure which ones. Daniel was so mad...but I told him we had a special surprise for him later and he had to enjoy the ride with Sydney and her princesses the whole trip. :) He refused to take any pictures with them.. but by day 3 he was "okay" to take pictures with them... Sydney was in "heaven" she thought. I loved that they didn't rush the girls through the pictures, because by the time they were ready for us to enter the wait was over 2 hours long. Now you see why we ran like nuts. All three of the Princesses took time to speak with Sydney and ask her questions. She saw Rapunzel first, and she liked how Sydney had her dress on and Sydney showed her Rapunzel clippie to her which made this mama proud. Sleeping Beauty was next, she was quick to tell her that her dad was named Stefan just like Aurora's dad. Aurora liked that and said her daddy was special to her and asked Sydney if her daddy was also special and Sydney said "very Special". Next was Cinderella.. and boy was she a blessing to my little girl. She talked to her and danced with her and hugged her and Sydney told her that she was going to eat breakfast with her one day and she asked her what day and pretended to take her reservation and told her she would have the best seat in the house. She was so awesome to her. She must had taken like 5 minutes with her which seemed like an hour... loved the pictures we got. (click to make bigger)

Day 2 Magic Kingdom 1 of 3

Day 2 was an awesome day. We went to the Magic Kingdom(MK), which was by far our favorite spot this trip. We had several things planned to do in MK during the week. We sure made many memories. It was indeed a magical place. From the very beginning as we waited for the park to open and to see Mickey and Minnie ride in on the train along with many characters and princesses too, I should I realized that we were going to have a blast. It was so not crowded. We waited no more than 15 minutes for anything. If we ever go back we will go the same week. We were up and at the main gates by 8:30am and we didn't leave until it closed. Kenny did great. Took a little nap while we waited for the parade around 2pm in the stroller, but wasn't cranky or fussy during the day or night. We were so proud of our little guy.The kids liked the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and asked many times during the trip is we could spend the night in the house. I admit I would like that.. daddy not so much. We liked the picture where that put Tink in your hands with magic... (click to make larger)

Disney Day 1-Animal Kingdom

Finally I am blogging about our awesome trip to Disney World the first week in December. We drove in from SC to Orlando on Sunday Dec 2nd. We arrive around 2pm, so we headed straight for Animal Kingdom because we knew we wanted to try to fit this park in but had a busy schedule Monday-Fri. We thought it was okay. but not our favorite. We caught an awesome parade and the kids loved waving at the people. They played in Dinosaur land in the bone yard playground. We got their face painted and we were surprised Kenny sat still long enough. This was the first of many great surprised Kenny gave us during our trip. We went on a couple rides and this is where we realized that Daniel was AFRAID of roller coasters...BAD. not a good sign on Day 1. But more on that in another day post. (click to make picture bigger)

Prince is growing up!

Its hard to believe that our little puppy is already 7 months old. On a daily basis I still say we are getting rid of him... eats everything still. bits the kids...but at night when everyone is asleep he sure keeps me warm on the coach.