Friday, February 1, 2013

Disney Day 1-Animal Kingdom

Finally I am blogging about our awesome trip to Disney World the first week in December. We drove in from SC to Orlando on Sunday Dec 2nd. We arrive around 2pm, so we headed straight for Animal Kingdom because we knew we wanted to try to fit this park in but had a busy schedule Monday-Fri. We thought it was okay. but not our favorite. We caught an awesome parade and the kids loved waving at the people. They played in Dinosaur land in the bone yard playground. We got their face painted and we were surprised Kenny sat still long enough. This was the first of many great surprised Kenny gave us during our trip. We went on a couple rides and this is where we realized that Daniel was AFRAID of roller coasters...BAD. not a good sign on Day 1. But more on that in another day post. (click to make picture bigger)

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