Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 2 Magic Kingdom 2 of 3

The first thing that happened when we walked through the gates: we heard someone say no wait to meet the princesses, so we rushed in line like we were crazy people after a free tv or something and we were 8th in line to meet three Princesses.. We weren't even sure which ones. Daniel was so mad...but I told him we had a special surprise for him later and he had to enjoy the ride with Sydney and her princesses the whole trip. :) He refused to take any pictures with them.. but by day 3 he was "okay" to take pictures with them... Sydney was in "heaven" she thought. I loved that they didn't rush the girls through the pictures, because by the time they were ready for us to enter the wait was over 2 hours long. Now you see why we ran like nuts. All three of the Princesses took time to speak with Sydney and ask her questions. She saw Rapunzel first, and she liked how Sydney had her dress on and Sydney showed her Rapunzel clippie to her which made this mama proud. Sleeping Beauty was next, she was quick to tell her that her dad was named Stefan just like Aurora's dad. Aurora liked that and said her daddy was special to her and asked Sydney if her daddy was also special and Sydney said "very Special". Next was Cinderella.. and boy was she a blessing to my little girl. She talked to her and danced with her and hugged her and Sydney told her that she was going to eat breakfast with her one day and she asked her what day and pretended to take her reservation and told her she would have the best seat in the house. She was so awesome to her. She must had taken like 5 minutes with her which seemed like an hour... loved the pictures we got. (click to make bigger)

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