Friday, February 27, 2009

Update Friday

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Well I have been lazing in updating this blog. We have had a busy week with some great pictures. Here is one of Sydney in the tub.. She loves bath time..

Then we did no TV Tuesday and I played and played and played with Daniel all day. We painted with water colors, and family get ready to check mailboxes as he did one for everyone. We had fun cutting out newspaper and magazine pictures and then we glued them together. Here is a picture of the finished project. He was so proud of himself.

We then had fun playing with this neat thing they made at school. He made a lamb face and it had a little story that went with it. I read the story and he acted it out and then we sang the song together. He loves it. See story below.

Then we played basketball in the house. It was cold out. We do not have a basketball net, so I took this box and cut a hole in the top and used packing tape to tape to the door of my closet. We played basket ball together. He actually became great at making the shots. See box below taped to posters on door and there is one of him shooting at it as well.

Last but not least we played handy man. I would go around and show him what needed to be fixed and he would pretend to saw, screw, hammer, drill, and take apart, whatever needed to be done. It was cute watching him. He even gave me a "bill" at the end..

We made it until 4pm with no TV and then I had to clean since I was hosting Bible Study so I put in a Mighty Machines DVD and rationalized that it was a learning DVD not just a movie. He learned all about Fire Trucks, Trash Trucks and Street Sweepers. I think at the end of the day I was more tired then he was. The bad part is that he now wants no TV everyday...I know thats good news, but now having the time to play with him all day will be interesting.


Hana said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy day! My kids watch too much tv I know but sometimes its just hard to get anything done if you don't have the tv on. When I sew, the kids watch's the only way! Glad you guys were able to have some great playtime together!!

D, M & d said...

Oh what fun! I am sure he loved the art!!!

Kirsten said...

Janet you are so creative! I love this post!