Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sydney at 7 months

I posted 3 Posts today.. so check them out under this one..

Well I was so busy I was not able to post on Tuesday when Sydney turned 7 months old. She is growing a lot. She learned to feed herself some small "puffs".

She is still learning to sit up by herself and roll from her back to her stomach. Maybe next month I will be able to post that. But she still has her smile.. here she is with her great granddaddy (who will be 90 in August)smiling away.

We went to the park on Tuesday for her 7 month outing and it was very beautiful, yet windy. Here she is swinging, which she loved.

Can't wait to see what next month brings. I love this girl.


Hana said...

Yay! Happy 7 mos! It's really going fast! She is so cute and smiley!!

Ali said...

I love her in the swing! Precious! That big smile is just so stinkin' cute!

Joanna said...

she is so sweet! happy 7 months, sydney!

Jen said...

When I first saw these pictures I thought, "Wow... that looks like Brock." Of course it must be those chubby cheeks. I miss her so much and cannot wait to kiss 'em. I hope she still has all of those rolls when I get there in May.