Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sydney 6 months today

Well my girl is growing up. She is 6 months today Jan 10th. So much has changed in just one month. She has gotten two teeth: (double click on the pictures to make them bigger)

She is eating stage one baby food:

She is learning to sit up by herself:

And she is pushing up with her arms:

She is still my sweet little baby. Always Happy.

And she loves when mommy kisses her cheeks. She giggles and it is so adorable.

Can't believe its been 6 months, she grew so much..can't wait to see what this month brings.


lillymac said...

so sweet. i can't believe she's already 6 months old!

Hana said...

Happy 6 mos birthday Sydney! Ella is 9 mos today! I wish time would slow down.

Joanna said...

Happy 6 months! She is so adorable!