Monday, October 5, 2009

Daniel's Big Boy Bike

Well as was mentioned on a couple post ago Daniel can ride his bike without training wheels. Well he asked his PaPa Peter for a new, bigger bike and he got it over 1 week ago. He can ride it just fine. Getting on and off are a little hard as it is taller than him, but he is working on that as well. On Wed Daniel's preschool had a bike rodeo and Policemen came and talked about bike safety and they were allowed to bring their bikes to school. I was so surprised to see that Daniel was on the only one in his 4 year old class that could ride without training wheels. The teacher said "the police officers had never seen a boy so small ride a bike like that without training wheels and were impressed he was doing so well." I am so proud of our boy. Thanks Peter for the big bike.


God's daughter said...

Wow! That is awesome. I was like 7 when I didn't have training wheels anymore. You go Daniel!!! :)

Ali said...

Wow! Way to go Daniel! Kayla still refuses to ride any kind of bike...LOL

Jen said...

It is extremely rare that children can ride bikes without training wheels at 4. Way to go, Daniel!