Monday, August 3, 2009

Deeper Still

Wow what an incredible 2 days. I had the opportunity to be a volunteer for LifeWay Book store at the Deeper Still Conference. It was fun working behind the register with Megan. Since we volunteered we got in free to the conference. We did have to miss some of the worship music, but I was able to witness some amazing worship art, I thought of Sara St. Clair the whole time, because she was the first to introduce me to worship art.
I came home a changed woman with an even deeper love of Jesus and the power that we have thru HIM. My favorite speaker was Priscilla Shirier. I have done two of her studies and feel I am in the same season of life. Beth Moore was also wonderful. I really want to do one of her studies. Enjoy the pictures.

from where I was sitting..praise team
Beth Moore
Kay, Priscilla, and Beth during coffee talk.


God's daughter said...

Awesome pics. I bet it was nice getting in FREE!! We love that word, don't we frugal shoppers? Did they do worship art during the conference? I would have to see the worship art.

Janet said...

yes it was during the praise time near the end.. it was beautiful.

Ali said...

So glad you got to go to this...I'm SURE it blessed you abundantly!