Friday, April 10, 2009

Sydney 9 Months Old

Today Sydney is 9 months old. She now has 6 teeth(4 up top and 2 down bottom.) She is sitting by herself and trying to crawl. She likes to push herself backwards or roll around. She loves her walker and likes to chase Daniel around. She really likes the freedom to go where she wants. Sometimes she will sit in the walker by the back door watching the birds/cats in the back yard for 20 minutes or so. She tries to talk to them. She is always happy, unless she is hungry or tired. Her smile is contagious. She also loves to giggle. Thank you Jesus for this precious, happy, healthy baby girl.

picture taken by Daniel


Hana said...

Happy 9mos birthday sweet Sydney! Janet, hold onto these last 3 mos before her 1st birthday! It goes too fast!

Joanna said...

Happy 9 months, Sydney! You are so sweet!

Jen said...

I LOVE her in yellow. Too cute in that outfit. I cannot believe how much she has grown!