Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chocolate Snow Cream

Well thanks to my friend Morgan for telling me to make it and my friend Hana for giving the instructions on her blog because Daniel and I made Chocolate Snow Cream today.
Here's what you need:
8-10 cups packed snow (fresh & clean of course)
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp vanilla (I used chocolate sauce since I had no vanilla and chocolate is always better right...

You first mix the milk, sugar and chocolate sauce together. Then pour in the bowl with the snow. I used 10 cups of snow. Pic would not download the correct way so here it is side ways.

Then you get the boy or girl who will actually be eating this and make them stir it without spilling it every where.

And if you are as blessed as I am you will enjoy a big smile from your child and they will think your the coolest mom ever for letting them have snow cream for lunch.


D, M & d said...

yum yum...I've never made chocolate snow cream with syrup...what a great idea! We've always stuck to the vanilla but now we will have to try that!!

lillymac said...

we made chocolate snow cream too! my mom taught me that trick. my snow cream recipe is one i wrote when i was a child. looks like you guys had a great time!