Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well this morning Daniel woke up super early. I asked Stefan to go turn his bedroom light on and tell him to play until we get up. (I was thinking its not even light outside yet). Well when I went to get him around 7:15 I was surprised to find what he had created. We don't have many toys in his room now, because he wanted to play verses sleep, so we just have books and the toys he takes to bed with him, which is usually about 10 Thomas trains. Well when I opened the door he said Look Mom, I made tunnels for my trains. I was so impressed I had to take a picture. He had about 8 books propped up and was driving his trains under them. How cool. BTW even after I told him it was time to go down stairs, where he could play with the real train table he said but all of my tunnels are here, I will just play in my room. What a creative little boy God gave me.


Joanna said...

Very creative. He is super-cute!

The Barbers said...

I love how boy brains work!!